Do Man United Players Take the Drug Zantac – Ranitidine?

Sometimes it beats my imagination when Man United players play like they’ve taken some Zantec drug. They play as if they are drowsy especially during the first 15 minutes of some football matches.

In our game against Chelsea, I almost got mad at Rooney when he missed a great opportunity that would have given us an edge in the game.

I wondered and pondered for while then I decided to do some research about this to see if they on some kind of a Zantac drug since it used by footballers the most.

This is the result of my findings. Please read on….

Zantac 75® contains 75 mg of ranitidine, a medicine that doctors have prescribed more than 200 million times worldwide. Prescription strength Zantac has an excellent safety record and the active ingredient in Zantac has been taken safely with many frequently prescribed medications.Ranitidine – Zantac  is also sugar and sodium free.

Zantac – Ranitidine can be used for the following:

  • prevention of heartburn associated with acid indigestion and sour stomach brought on by certain foods and beverages.
  • relief of heartburn associated with acid indigestion and sour stomach.
  • Can be taken with or without food.

Zantac – Ranitidine provides much better relief then the typical antacid

In spite of your efforts to control heartburn, you still may occasionally need treatment for relief of symptoms. Zantac is an advanced type of heartburn treatment called an acid reducer.

It provides relief by actually reducing the amount of acid your stomach makes. In other wards Zantac is different than typical antacids which neutralize the acid already in your stomach; Zantac – Ranitidine actually reduces the production of stomach acid.

heartburn indigestion

Zantac can also prevent heartburn from occurring if taken 30 to 60 minutes prior to eating food or drinking beverages that can cause heartburn.

In the past, heartburn sufferers could only turn to antacids to relieve their symptoms. Antacids just neutralize the acid that is already present in the stomach. In addition, antacids may need to be taken frequently and carry drug interaction warnings and you can them by visiting some best online pharmacy.

Zantac – Ranitidine provides faster relief then antacids

Zantac 75 starts working on acid suppression  15 minutes faster than Pepcid AC® as compared to placebo.‡1 And no OTC acid reducer lasts longer than Zantac 75. So, whether you’re an occasional heartburn sufferer or you suffer from more frequent bouts of heartburn, Zantac 75 may be the right choice for you.

Zantac – Ranitidine is the #1 prescription based heartburn medication

Choose the medicine that doctors have chosen. Over the past 5 years, doctors have prescribed the medicine in Zantac 75 approximately 100 million times in the U.S. alone more than any other prescription heartburn medication of its kind.

Talk with your doctor before taking Zantac 75 if you are pregnant or nursing a baby; have difficulty swallowing; experience abdominal pain that doesn’t go away; have used any nonprescription acid reducer or antacid at the maximum daily dose for more than 2 weeks; or before giving to children under 12 years old. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, seek professional assistance or contact a poison control center immediately.

Rx-Mex can save you a lot of money by buying generic Ranitidine over Zantac

If your doctor doesn’t require that you take the brand name drug Zantac and can instead take the generic version Ranitidine that check out the amazing saving that can mean for you. Rx-Mex’s Zantac while much more costly then Ranitidine is still significantly lower then the competition.


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Why Most Soccer Loving Man U Fans Like Escorts Girls

There is no single doubt that over 60% percent of Man United fans are men. Men loves and value pleasure and beauty. Die hard Man United fans will stop at nothing in making sure that they celebrate to the last drop of their blood after a match is won.

They absolutely love escorts girls because they complete the victory for them. What is more refreshing and heartwarming than have nice time with very beautiful, sexy looking and charming girls after a victorious outing.

These fabulous women of extreme abilities and grace will make any man’s day.  They are a roster of beauty and talent.

The only reason that can make a fan not to welcome these damsel is if and only if Manchester United lost stupidly at home or away to a seemingly underrated low profile team.

In fact, apart from not visiting these escorts or bringing them in, loosing a match of such magnitude can make them go gaga or crazy with anyone that day.



You see, soccer often fans the flames of nationalism, with frightening results. Consider what happened during a contest in London, in 1992.

Some 50,000 fans packed the stadium. Late in the game, Chelsea was leading one to zero when Man U knocked in a goal. However, the referee noted a foul, which disqualified the tying goal.

The angered, disappointed fans rioted; 328 people were killed and over 1,000 were injured. “A heavy iron door to the locker room probably saved the lives of the referee and players,” noted the New York Times.

How important is winning and losing in soccer? When considering what also happened between Newcastle and Birmingham, it makes one wonder. In June 1969 the two clubs played a series of games to determine which team would win the 1982 title.

Tensions and hostilities fanned by the games were a factor in the outbreak of war. The Americana Annual for 1970, under the heading “The ‘Soccer War,’” notes that more than 2,000 soldiers and civilians were killed.

True, these are extreme examples, but soccer violence is by no means rare. In London, according to an escort, one in four male fans has been involved in violence. Also, 100 fans a week there reportedly land in jail for soccer hooliganism.

The 2012 Britannica Book of the Year acknowledged the “unhappy saga of violence on and off the field,” and said: “Trenches, moats, barricades, and other constraining impedimenta were employed.” But despite such measures, violence remains a feature of many soccer games.

Yet the problem is not only with soccer. “If attitudes don’t change,” warns the team physician of an American professional basketball team, “we’re going to have to do what they do in South America; put up a fence and a moat to keep the fans away from players.”

What is responsible for such problems with sports? Is there, for example, something fundamentally wrong with soccer that causes these terrible consequences?